Guillotine Bug

It may be hard to separate avatar’s head from body, so in most cases the head will be tucked into the body, and prepare another head. In the pictures that had been presented at my gallery, my own head was added later in composites.

In this system, one’s own head was used with extended neck. The rolling head after beheading was also connected with the ribbon-shaped neck. Is this only for my viewer or do I need to wear special alpha muffler?

When I stood up, the extended neck did not return to the normal shape. It was cured by re-log and never happened again. I had meant to shoot another picture with a suitable clothing…

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Bizarre dinner

This was made while gathering sick pictures for my gallery. The silver body was bought at Incilico. The liquid metal body may not be edible? The cooking process may be introduced at my gallery later.

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Incilico again 4

Shape of the new SIM, NeoShoda. According to the notecard: NeoShoda is an AGIS corporation genetics factory. This science station which houses numerous labs and facilities has been steadily converted to a city. Ever since the Incilico buy out, AGIS has been moving its conduit technology to Shoda for security reasons. Conduit technology is the experimental means to fold space allowing instantaneous travel between two points. The station itself was designed with the purpose of traveling to the stars to begin the generation long terraforming process for eventual human occupation.
NeoShoda: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NeoShoda/132/125/3792

My first impression was “Wow, what a mess!” How can these be made within a short period!

NeoShoda in the midday sun. There are some buildings that the inside was not completed but many labs are connected making it possible to walk around.

NeoShoda at sundown. The SL world that reproduce real landscape elaborately is also beautiful but I love this kind of factious world. With this meticulous attention to detail, I think this is a kind of art.

NeoShoda at dawn. Even within a mechanized future city, there is an easeful and restful scenery. Is that because I am a human? How will cyborgs or clones with robotic mind feel?

There was a puppy in the lab. I saw a similar dog in Mars base. Are they clones? I would like to watch the RPG in progress. Shall I wake up early…

If you were interested in the former articles…

INSILICO: http://temioyen.slmame.com/e1446480.html
INSILICO 2: http://temioyen.slmame.com/e1446765.html
INSILICO 3; http://temioyen.slmame.com/e1447144.html
Mars: http://temioyen.slmame.com/e1447149.html
Mars Base: http://temioyen.slmame.com/e1447146.html

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Incilico again 3

There are several figures in the city. This is a mobile suit or a robot?

A beautiful cyborg? In the AGIS I found a room where some component parts of this are prepared.

Recent figures became beautiful and have more variations than avatars. The middle is a shop attendant at Buddha Bowl. The right is a receptionist at AGIS Medical, who looks with a bit authority.

This is not a figure but a real avatar, Miss Maz, a resident of Incilico. She kindly explained about the city. The most information in this article are from her or from note cards available in the city. Maz said that after 9 years in her SL, this is the best RP place that she have found for what she liked to do. Right now there are 89 players in the Roleplayers Group. Probably about 60 or so are active at various times. There are 6300 members as of today. As the shopping area shows, there will be an effect of substantial underpopulation together with the SL…

Maz is involved in the Underground faction, her character is an illegal cybernetic surgeon involved with some of the organized crime syndicates. This is her own lab.

I cannot see the purpose but this machine is cool. The most of objects in this world were created by Stark Osterham, one of the owner group. Stark has built a new SIM, NeoShoda. He started the work in February this year and finished this summer. Maz kindly guided me to the new SIM. I will report it next time.

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Incilico again 2

Inside of the AGIS Medical (Advanced Genetics Institute of Science). Like a Big hospital but this is an academy and institution for genetics work treating cyborgs, androids, clones, or mutants, and the major company in Incilico. They say AGIS is producing the future of engineered life forms to help change the solar system for all mankind。
AGIS Medical: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/INSILICO%20SOUTH/126/129/3602

In the building, there are many kinds of medical and experimental facilities. My clothing is from Incilico that does fit this circumstances.

Is this for medical attention or modification?

Is this a pot for cloning? I should have taken clothing off but anyone could come along…

Mars is still a part of this program but the base was changed. The terraforming of the Mars seems to be completed and it is possible to go out without space suits. In the RPG, Mars is the combat zone, most of the action type stuff happens down there. Lately there has been a bit of intrigue in the city, with AEON displacing Gemini Cybernetics as administrators of the city, and contracting new security. Various other plots are going on. Some people have been attacked by a rogue A.I. and last night there was some arson at the Aftermath club.
Mars: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/INSILICO/232/154/1593

Inside of the base at Mars. It seems interesting as a combat zone few players were there when I visited. One of the resident said that many of the players are based in Europe, and a many in the Americas, so the sim is busy at different times. Around 9am-3pm SL time is when many of the European players are on, after that many of the American players get on. The busy tome is from 0:00am to 6:00am JPT that is hard for me to make.

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Incilico again 1

After a long interval I visited the aerial city Incilico. This is the main shopping area
Incilico: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/INSILICO/193/179/3602 

The same place when I visited two years ago. There are a few stores as they were, without them I was not able to find the same spot.

The panoramic view of the four SIMs of Insilico that was not possible to shoot due to the camera restriction before.

The center. Two years ago, there was a transportation system and many terminals were set here and at about fifty places in the city. Now all TP posts were gone and it is required to get LMs through the note card.

The store below the large statue at the low mid is Buddha Bowl. I thought it is a special dish for Buddha but I found that there is such a bowl with many toppings in RL. As before, the city of Insilico is very dark and it is hard to walk. If you stray away, you will drop from the sky. May be out of form but I adjusted the lighting when moving or shooting pictures.

Looked for some places where I visited before, and found Club Seven Seas, Blue Ant, Diner Car, and martial arts training center. This is the Club Fusion where I loved the beautiful terrace.

There are many facilities that were not seen before. I will explore some of them next time.

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Autumn leaves

I have seldom taken pictures of autumn leaves, so hunted for colors. This is Provence that was introduced at The Yana’s World. I expected a Peter Mayle’s world of vast country, but incidentally I took the same angle as Yana’s. It could mean that there were few good camera spots.
The World of Yana: http://yana.slmame.com/e1598949.html  

This is another SIM. It is unique to see deciduous trees along the shore. The trees that can stay on the shore is called salt tolerant deciduous plants, but this may be a scape only seen in SL.

A view through the trees. It will be normal if the water behind is a lake.

A gorgeous deer. It looks like the one who gave me a ride, but this one did not move.

Like a ranch. There were many kinds of animals.

There was a cool scooter. This may be suitable for riding casually on country road.

This reminds me of autumn leaves that I saw at New Jersey when I was a child. A shop street with a clock tower, and residential area with huge trees covering the street, the total town was changed into red and yellow. At that time I did not care but it should have been a gorgeous scenery. Big vacuum cars were sucking large piles of leaves in front of houses.

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The sea

I did not wear a swim suit this year. Come to think of it, neither RL nor SL. This is one of Baja SIMs created by Lauren Benthan who did the beautiful SIM for Lakeland England and the Everwinter, Post-Apocalyptic Theme Park. This SIM was also meticulously built that brings realistic feeling.

I wore a swimsuit but it is not interesting to swim in SL, so I flew to the buoy. I tried hard to stand at the tip but did not make it.

Along a bit wild shore, there are many cottages.

It is very restful expensive mood sitting with evening sun. It could be nice to have a second house like this. But almost all cottages were already occupied. This one is also someone’s property.

There are four Baja series SIMs made by Lauren. There are more than fifty cottages on them but few are available. This is a birds--eye view of three SIMs

The followings are previous articles introducing other SIMs by Lauren
Lakeland: http://temisirbu.slmame.com/e1578569.html 
Chelnobyl 30: http://temisirbu.slmame.com/e1579493.html

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Let's play GO!

The SIM for GO game was closed finally. A friend taught me several places for the game. This seems to be the designated successor of Kido with the same atmosphere smaller in scale.

This is a game spot in Soyokaze SIM. There are several tables ready for games.

No one can tell that this hut is for Go game if not taught before.

There are two GO game sets ready. The fluorescent light tube on the ceiling provides a strange reality. Sad to say there is no players in the above places. If anyone could play with me, please leave a note or IM for Temi Sirbu.

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There is a free rental bicycle at Baba Meeting Area. Tried to shoot myself but it was difficult to take a side view while running. Rode under water since it was too hot. This is also a thing that can be done only in SL. Is it possible to drive underwater with motorcycle or car? This is a beach under my gallery. Some pictures were replaced. I do not like brats but that was too cute…
Temi’s Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Publius/12/39/22 

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