Let's play GO!

The SIM for GO game was closed finally. A friend taught me several places for the game. This seems to be the designated successor of Kido with the same atmosphere smaller in scale.

This is a game spot in Soyokaze SIM. There are several tables ready for games.

No one can tell that this hut is for Go game if not taught before.

There are two GO game sets ready. The fluorescent light tube on the ceiling provides a strange reality. Sad to say there is no players in the above places. If anyone could play with me, please leave a note or IM for Temi Sirbu.

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There is a free rental bicycle at Baba Meeting Area. Tried to shoot myself but it was difficult to take a side view while running. Rode under water since it was too hot. This is also a thing that can be done only in SL. Is it possible to drive underwater with motorcycle or car? This is a beach under my gallery. Some pictures were replaced. I do not like brats but that was too cute…
Temi’s Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Publius/12/39/22 

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Farewell Kido

Another famous SIM will be going a fade. The Go club where I visited many times.

The vast room where go-tournaments were held has been cleared.

I came here two years ago, and met more than 50 peoples. From beginners, 15K, to 5D, I played total 75 games with 29 persons. Six out of them were stronger than me. I may be about 1D. K means Kyu, D for Dan in Japan but they say the level is higher than Japanese ones. I played with computer game “Silver Star” that claims 6-Dan and I win with 5 stones but close with 4 stones, so my 1D will be appropriate.

Not only for Go, there are beautiful Japanese-style surroundings. There is a cozy space like that at old Edo SIMs where I lived before. Thank you Silent Ying for preparing such a good SIM!

There is few facilities other than those for Go, but this is a Zen or Yoga pose. The snowy mountains on the back also has a Go club.

The whole SIM from the top of mountains. All houses with tiled roof are Go clubs. The whole SIM was used solely for Go. There are several spots where we can play Go other than this SIM, but they are smaller and few players coming. If you are interested in Go game, please visit the followings or send me IM. My available time zone is around 17:00~23:00 SLT on weekdays.
1: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zzz/47/88/22
2: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soyokaze/169/109/36 
3: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Epirrita/162/19/134

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Neck 2

Although without hanging, the blood flow can be stopped by squeezing both sides of neck. My friend was robbed in Spain. She was strangled from behind and went off instantly, and came to herself to find her belongings were missing. She did not experience any pain but was not able to realize what happened.

It might be a sleeper hold that was also in Judo. This could be the play popular at my high school.

It is said that every time the blood is stopped some part of brain cells will be damaged. So I have never done it after I grew up, but when both sides of my neck were surrounded softly I feel some sensation with losing my leg strength. I mignt have been a bit abnormal…

When my neck was held, I will loosen my body after a soft jerk. Then I get CPR that will be a signal for something, feeling a small happiness nowadays.

Someone said that artificial respiration is like a kiss, so that will be the reason why I like it.
These pictures were taken at Kazumi’s wrestling ring next to Yakitori shop Kikyou. Thank a lot Kazumi. I have a similar one though.

The gallery returned to CPR, pictures that I thought beautiful among the past three presentations.
The texture of the outside was made for camping car and does not fit well....
Temi’s Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Publius/12/39/22

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King Kong World

Visited a new LEA presentation, The King Kong Experience. It is a strange world where dinosaurs or elephant and human are living.

Like a tropical garden. It is not easy to shoot pictures since most of plants are made of plain texture and also there is alpha-crash between them.

Traveler’s tree that I saw at Singapore. It said to be named after the water contained in the trunk that was used by travelers.

The King Kong itself was a bit disappointing, but there was a beautiful figure with slightly large nose which looks like Naomi Watts..

There are many human figures. This is a meal of a tribe, I joined without invitation.

Besides the King Kong, the introduction said “excellent photo opportunities”, so I followed it and played a lot.

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Pandora Again

Visited the Pandora SIM while wondering if it is still there. The human base is as same as last time a few years ago. When I visited last time, someone said“Ugh, na'vi. Get out of here before I blast you to pieces, blue thing!” although I was wearing a visitor-tag. At this time, there is none in the full SIM.

On a big tree, there are many rental tree-houses. It could be joyful if there are full of residents but most of them are empty with ‘available’ sign in front of them.

I have forgotten how the original was, so I reviewed the DVD. This is from the movie.

The Pandora SIMs I visited eight years ago. There were four SIMs for the world. At that time, the impressing floating rocks were not popular in SL.

This is the movie world. The first SIMs were very well reproducing the world.

The strange plant that I was impressed in the movie. The ones eight years ago did not jump back when touched but this one now is reacting properly.

The same plant in the movie. After reviewing the movie, I noticed that there were not so many unnatural plants. Considering on-location shootings or image processing, it might be hard to establish whole plantation nonearthly.

It is said that there will be many sequel pictures. The previous one had beautiful images but the story was unreasonable. Next stage is said to be underwater, but I hope the story setting makes sense.

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Mesh Bug

Nothing was seen around my gallery. I thought it was reading lag but they did not come in forever.

The objects can be seen by touching with edit mode. Possibly only mesh objects cannot be seen.
When I played Go game, the opponent’s body was not visible. A mesh body was she?

There are many mesh things adopted around the old Yakitori Shop Kikyou somewhere along the line. Thank you Kazumi for the maintenance keeping it updated.

Incidentally the next SIM was also vanished at that time. Everything returned normal next day.

Mesh objects will be gray balls while reading. The sculpture at my gallery will stay as a ball forever.
Temi’s Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Publius/12/39/22  

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The pictures at my gallery were not related to SL recently, so I will put some that can be done only in SL. Breath holding and CPR are both related to aspiration, but there is another way to stop breathing than closing nose and mouth, to choke neck.

There are two ways, to hang and to strangle, which seem to be completely different. Human shape of head and neck is very suitable to be hanged, so it is easy by putting a noose around neck and shifting weight. But this is not to smother but to stop blood flow to the brain, so it may come soon before knowing it.

There are many pictures and videos in the internet. There are three types roughly, to play hanging, to do it very short period, and to do it really. The last one has some assistant who lets the body down soon. Also there are pictures for person who went all the way to the end, but the purpose (?) is completely different. The shocking one is a beautiful young lady who tried to shoot her own video. The first time, she came back to the camera after shooting her limp body playing dead, but the second time she went so soon that she cannot come back. Although her feet were on the floor but bent up and her total weight was put on the noose. Her twisted hands were raised gradually, her body went into weak convulsions and became limp. If anyone put her down and made CPR…. But she was found after 30 minutes.

This is one of things that cannot be tried in RL, but you can see yourself in SL. There is a set in my gallery, please try it if you are interested in. There is no CPR prepared. Please come back by yourself.
Temi’s Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Publius/12/39/22
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Visited the annual SL birthday exhibition. As usual, there is a huge birthday decoration at the center.

The total area seems to be the same as last year. But number of individual booths looks smaller. Although the total number is the same but there are many vacancy or simple sets.

The center decoration using four SIMs are as usual, but I feel that the structure does not have much flavor. I cannot see so big difference when comparing with the old ones but I may be accustomed to mesh and sculpture recently.

Took a ride on the circulating pod, but I did not feel excitement as before. The individual exhibitions look somewhat thin. This could be the last SL birthday event for me, due to either my private reason or Linden’s change…

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Reading lag

Recently I think reading lag became larger. This is one of Linden art SIMs. It stayed gray forever, so I did not see if this is an art itself or not. I did not come back again and forgot where it was, I do not know the true shape.

Attended a rally game. I made it as light as possible by reducing viewing distance and picture quality. I got nostalgic scenes like when I started SL. But still there is a shock when crossing SIM borders and car parts are missing. I managed to finish the beginner class and got a prize but dropped the intermediate and expert classes.

May be because of sculptures, my gallery is gray for a while. It depends on time and comes back quickly when I try to shoot pictures.

My gallery is for CPR until June end. The pictures are presented with a slide-show mode in order to save prims. The change rate was set rather long to cover reading lag, so it may take about 10 minutes to watch all pictures. Please drop in when you have time to spare. The real pictures are not blurred like the ones below.
Temi’s Gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Publius/12/39/22 

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